Nkongwe Hill - Burundi 'Natural' Espresso

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Burundi 250g.JPG

Nkongwe Hill - Burundi 'Natural' Espresso

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Producer: Gaterama washing station
Altitude: 2000m above sea level
Variety: ‘Arabica’
Processing: Natural
Owners: Mix of small family owned farms
Tasting Notes: Brown sugar, stewed apple

This is the first time we have had a coffee from Burundi on our menu. This coffee comes from the hills that surrounds Gaterama washing station is Nkongwe, located in Bugendana region. Coffee is collected by the farmers that live in the area, who carefully select the ripest cherries before processing them to guarantee the quality of the coffee. Soon, in Gaterama washing station, they will have organic certification when the trees are grown in three years and are also training their registered farmers to work towards organic farming techniques as well. We look forward to hopefully bringing some mote coffee fromBurundi in the future.

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