Santa Clara - Guatemala 'Natural'

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Santa Clara - Guatemala 'Natural'

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Producer: Zelaya Family
Altitude: 1600m - 1830m
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra
Processing: Natural
Tasting Notes: Plum, Red wine gums & Hot strawberry Jam 

Finca Santa Clara is located on the fertile southern slopes of the Volcáno de Agua in the Antigua Valley at 1,600-1,830 metres above sea level. The farm has been managed since 1988 by Ricardo Zelaya, the 4th generation of the Zelaya family to have produced coffee at Santa Clara. Ricardo continuously strives to improve what he is doing and raise the bar of quality. Over the last 5 years, Ricardo has been very focused on improving his processing techniques and infrastructure. Every cherry at Santa Clara is hand-picked when perfectly ripe and then sorted by hand before being inspected by the quality control manger at the wet mill. This special micro lot has been handpicked by special pickers employed (and paid higher wages) particularly for their skill at selecting only the ripest and most perfect cherries.

Santa Clara treats their employees like family, and many have been with the farm and the family for generations. In addition they have a school onsite for the 50 children of the permanent workers, which has 3 permanent teachers to support it. For children that show potential, Ricardo’s daughter Bel, who has a degree in Special Education, has started up the Santa Clara Scholarship Fund, which is focused on supporting the kids through school and/or university with funds provided to support their tuition fees, uniform and books.

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