Guatemala - Santa Clara 'washed'

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Guatemala - Santa Clara 'washed'

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Producer: Ricardo Zelaya – Zelaya family
Altitude: 1600-1830m
Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra
Process: Washed
Owner: Zelaya family
Tasting Note: Chocolate with and orange finish
Espresso Brew Guide: 20g in 40g out 33 seconds

Ricardo is passionately committed to both quality and sustainability. rough the excellent management of his farms, along with the careful selection of varietals planted we have purchased three di erent co ees from the Santa Clara for this season. e Zelaya family has been operating for over 4 generations, and have constantly pushed the boundaries for quality.

We are also honoured that through the purchase of this co ee, we are assisting the Zelaya family in providing their farmers, and their families with a quality of life. rough providing children with education at their onsite school, educating women workers with skills such sandal and jewellery cra ing, creating university scholarships and seminars focussing on positivity and leadership that ensures the farmers relationship with the owners is maintained. ese initiatives encourage a co ee community; one that is inspired to obtain quality. We at Blackboard are very happy to be a part of this cycle, and we look forward to using the amazing produce of the Zelaya family in the years to come. 

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