Kebado - Ethiopia 'Natural' Espresso

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LR Ethiopia Kebado 250g.jpg

Kebado - Ethiopia 'Natural' Espresso

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Producer: Kebado washing station
Altitude: 1850m
Variety: Heirloom
Processing: Natural
Tasting Notes: Dark cherry, poached fruit, maple

Coffee in Ethiopia is di erent in the way its produced, o en Instead of sourcing co ee from one farmer it is sourced from a collective of farmers in one area or region, once the co ee is picked the farmer will then carry their yield to a station where it is processed with the other co ees in the region. is remarkable Sidamo is produced by 600 private farmers that patiently await for the co ee’s pick season that regularly takes place from November to the end of January. A er picking the cherries the farmers take them to the Kebado station, where in order to produce natural co ees, the cherries are put on drying beds straight a er picking. e red-brown fertile clay soil found in this region of Ethiopia in addition to the spring water that sources this farm, gives this co ee saliently fruity characteristics. 

He explained “It’s been self fulfilling, because the minute the workers realised that I was actually committed to improving the farm and their lifestyle, and understanding that we were going to grow, and why, we started discovering a lot of things together.” 

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