Kochere Blue Copper 'Natural' Ethiopia Espresso

Kochere Blue Copper 'Natural'250.jpg
Kochere Blue Copper 'Natural'250.jpg

Kochere Blue Copper 'Natural' Ethiopia Espresso

from 19.00

Producer Meteku Shento

Altitude 1950-2300 above sea level

Variety Heirloom

Processing Natural

Tasting Note Ripe Raspberry, cherry, dark chocolate

Another delicious fresh harvest Ethiopian coffee. This coffee comes from the Kochere region in southern Ethiopia. It was processed naturally at Meteku’s Washing station which is located at 2000 MASL. Meteku and his team have have very meticulous standards which in turn produce high quality coffee. After hand sorting only the ripe red cherries, they are moved to raised beds in thick layers with frequent moving to ensure even drying. Big fruity flavours come from this natural Ethiopian producing sweet ripe raspberry, cherry and high quality dark chocolate characteristics. An absolute banger of a natural Ethiopian that we are stoked to share with you and hope you’ll love!

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