Rafael Amaya Caturra 'Ef Washed' Filter


Rafael Amaya Caturra 'Ef Washed' Filter

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Producer: Rafael Amaya

Altitude: 1800-1900 MASL

Varietal: Caturra

Processing: Extended Fermentation Washed

Tasting Notes: Blackberries, mulberry, panela

An absolutely stellar Colombian. This coffee is produced by Rafael Amaya and his son located in Timana just 18km away from Pitalito, where some of the best coffees are produced in Colombia. This mircolot is 100% Caturra which originated in Minas Gerais, Brazil as a natural mutation of Red Bourbon. This lot was exposed to an extremely long, dry anaerobic fermentation of 180 hours and was then dried out on raised beds to its ideal moisture content. Although its a technically a “washed” coffee, due to the long anaerobic ferment it has created a super sweet panela flavour featuring lots of ripe blackberry and mulberry flavours with a very round and creamy mouthfeel while retaining all the clarity and cleanness that would be expected from a conventional washed coffee. We were blown away by the quality of this coffee on the cupping table and hope you’re just as blown away by it as us!

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